Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mobil Mart Restaurant

I've been in Mammoth Lakes the past week which explains the lack of posts. I did a lot of hiking with my dogs and cooking. In fact, I did a stagiaire at the White Bark restaurant at the Westin Monache Resort. For those of you not versed in culinary lingo, a stagiaire is a fancy French word for a try-out. Basically, you work a shift and the chef sees if he likes you. My friend Dan is the executive chef at the White Bark, so if I can find a place to live, the job is mine. So keep your fingers crossed!

Matt and I went to Yosemite last week since it is only an hour and half from Mammoth. It was actually my first time to Yosemite! From Mammoth Lakes, you take the 395N and then Tioga Pass, Highway 120. When you pull on to the 120 from the 395N there is a Mobil Gas Station. If going to Yosemite, you better stop and get gas there because there is only one other gas station on the 120 and it is about 40 miles away. And if you don't need to get gas you should stop anyways because there is a fabulous restaurant inside.

The Mobil Mart Restaurant is run by Dan's fiancee Denise and her family. The food is not your typical gas station fare. There are fish tacos with a fresh mango salsa, BBQ ribs with a huckleberry BBQ sauce, jambalaya, and grilled pork tenderloin. They even serve beer and wine. Along with the gourmet grub, you can pick up camping and backpacking staples like dehydrated food and goos for your wilderness trek into Yosemite.

The Mobil Mart is only open during the summer months (May-November) so if you are ever in Mammoth Lakes during the summer, I highly recommend you drive north the twenty minutes. The food and the view from the dining area are unbelievable!

The Menu

The dining area

the view of Mono Lake from the dining area

Putting the final touches on the fish tacos

the Fish tacos. One comes with a ginger slaw and the other with the tropical fruit salsa

BBQ Ribs with Huckleberry sauce.
Everybody needs to try huckleberries at least once in their life.
If you can only get it in sauce form, so be it. Huckleberries are DELICIOUS!

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