Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bacon MMMvelopes -Mailing letters has never been so tasty!

This bacon craze has gone too far. Now there are Bacon Flavored MMMvelopes. From the bacon obsessed peeps at J&D's , makers of Baconnaise and Bacon Salt, now you can get the flavor of bacon when sending your snail mail. These standard 10" envelopes look like bacon and taste like real bacon. It does not contain real bacon so there is no need for refrigeration and your vegetarian friends can enjoy the taste they miss the most. According to Gizmodo "you get the taste of bacon and a deep feeling of emptiness inside yourself." You can buy this great invention at mmmvelopes.com, $6.99 for 25. Also be sure to check out the J&D's website for their other bacon products.

Source: Serious Eats


  1. GAH!! ::runs in terror:: too much bacon!!

    But on the other hand, Dr. Atkins would be proud :)

  2. Wow, that's certainly different -- I've never seen 'em before. I like bacon, but might buy these for a joke gift, HA. Too funny!


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