Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I'm going to go off a tangent from my normal food writing.  I want to tell the people of the Internet of how CRAPPY J.Crew customer service is. Normally I love J.Crew.  I would say a good 40% of my wardrobe is from J.Crew.  If you want to buy me a present, buy me something from J.Crew.  So that's what I got for my birthday, stuff from J.Crew.  Cessie, Matt's mom, is slowly figuring that out.  Unfortunately, she still gets the sizes wrong.  So I mailed back the J.Crew cashmere cardigan along with a copy of the gift receipt and note specifying I wanted to exchange the too small sweater for the Minnie Pant , style number 18850, color black, size 00. If there is anything left over, please put in on a gift card.  And then I included my shipping address.  So three weeks go by, I still haven't heard anything.  Concerned that the return may have been lost, I contact the J.Crew customer service.  I spoke with Charlene who assured me that the return was not lost and sometimes because I  didn't print a  return label using J.Crew and because it wasn't an online order, the return may take longer.  She promised to contact me as soon as it arrived.  I even emailed Charlene a copy of the receipt along with what I wanted to exchange the sweater for.
My email was to-the-point, right?  No where does it say, please refund the credit card!!!!

Charlene was true to her word and phoned several days later to inform me that the return had been received and was being processed.  I should receive the exchange in a week.  I waited a week, still no package from J.Crew.  Again I contact customer service.  I find out that instead of exchanging the sweater and issuing a gift card, Cessie's credit card was refunded.  The customer service agent apologized and said they would reverse the transaction and send out a gift card for $184 by USPS Priority Mail and I should receive it within 2-3 days. It has now been a week.  I called again to find out, that they can't issue me a gift card unless they receive permission from Cessie.  So now I have no sweater, no pants, no gift card, NO FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY GIFT.

 Thanks a lot J.Crew for NOTHING! I can't believe this is how you treat a gift exchange.  It says on the effin receipt: Valid for exchange/merchandise credit ONLY

Also I did another exchange with J.Crew, they only credited me the cost of the merchandise and no sales tax.  So when I went to use the gift card, I had to pay tax on that transaction.  So they double tax you!!!!!!!! 

It's a good thing J.Crew makes incredibly cute clothes otherwise, I would NEVER shop there again after this experience.


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