Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eggs in a Basket

Hello blogosphere, I am writing to you from Phoenix airport during my layover en route to B-more! I usually fly through Phoenix en route to Baltimore. One of my favorite things is the free wi-fi but unfortunately the food court is no bueno. I guess I am going to have some Wendy's Chicken Fingers and a Frostee for lunch. My plane doesn't land in B-more until 12:10 AM so this is my last chance to eat! You think since I have done this flight plenty of times, I would have packed a lunch or brought some snacks. I did however make a decent breakfast.

This morning I woke up and felt like eating eggs so I made eggs in a basket. For those of you who have never had eggs in a basket, one-eye jacks, or egg in the hole, it is simply toast with an egg in the middle. For pop culture reference, check out V for Vendetta. V makes Evie an eggy in the basket after V rescues her when she is knocked out after pepper spraying the officer.

What makes eggs in a basket so delicious is the buttery toast and the creamy yolk. It is important to use low heat and be patient!

You will need
  • a non-stick skillet
  • butter
  • large eggs work best, if you use Jumbo sized eggs you will need to take some egg white out
  • sliced sandwich bread
  • a 2 1/2-inch cookie cutter (if you don't have one a juice glass or highball glass works too)
1. Preheat your non-stick skillet for 10 minutes on medium-low heat.
2. With your 2 1/2-inch cookie cutter cut out circles in the center of your bread.

3. Put loads of butter in the skillet. After it stops foaming add the bread slices. After it is nice and toasty on one side (about 7 minutes) flip to the other side.

4. Crack your eggs in a separate bowl and pour them carefully into the holes. It should not sizzle like the "This is your brain on drugs commercial." That commercial single-handedly destroyed egg cookery for most Americans resulting in hard, tough over-fried eggs. Do not do this! DO NOT TURN UP THE HEAT or start with a sizzling pan. Remember you are using butter and you do not want to brown your butter or worse yet burn it.

5. Be patient! The trickiest thing about eggy in a basket is to not disturb the egg until it is solid enough to flip! Do NOT turn up the heat.

6. Depending on how you like your eggs cooked will determine the total cooking time. Remember this is something you eat with your hands so don't undercook the yolk too much, although nothing is sexier than runny yolk!

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