Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bacon in a Tube. Quite possibly the world's most perfect food?

Brought to you by the Swedes, quite possibly the world's most perfect food: Squeezable Bacon in a tube. How do you say? Well shortly after WWII, a Swedish restaurant worker came up with a new way to process bacon. He found that by pre-cooking it and blending it a certain way, he could make into a fully cooked bacon paste that can be squeezed onto anything! Due to the patented electro-mechanicial process, Squeez Bacon requires no extra additives or preservatives. With a 12-year shelve life , no refrigeration necessary, and made from 100% USA pigs, Squeez Bacon may be the world's most perfect food. One serving is equivilant to 4 slices of bacon! Each tube contains 64 slices of bacon. Squeez Bacon can be eaten warm or cold. Squeeze it onto a sandwich, pizza, soups, pastas, anything edible! Rumor has it the members of ABBA met while eating Squeez Bacon sandwiches. IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad never travels without it. Luckily for you it is now available in the United States! You can buy it for $8 at Think about adding Squeez Bacon to your camping kit or your emergency earthquake kit. A couple of tubes of Squeez Bacon during a "state of emergency" and you will forget about the hurricane/earthquake/tornado that tore up your house.


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  1. mmmm. Now they just need eggs benny in a bottle...


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