Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spiked Sweet Tea

A few weeks ago, while beaching it at 56th st. someone brought over this tea-infused vodka. I'm not too much off a drinker but this stuff was tasty! It tasted just like a glass of sweet tea, the ubiquitous Southern drink found everywhere from grandma's house, family reunions and church picnics to football games, bars and restaurants. Apparently Firefly Sweet Vodka Tea has been sweeping the nation since its debut in April with others following with their own versions of the sweet tea vodka.

Infused vodkas are very easy to make so I thought I would try making my own sweet tea vodka. It is so easy to make, I suggest everybody try it. The sweet tea vodka makes an excellent cocktail mixed with TBC Best Lemonade to make a "John Daly", an alcoholic version of Arnold Palmer or serve it over ice, lime juice, mint leaves and soda water as a “mo-tea-to.”

I will warn you though. This stuff is tasty, especially when mixed with TBC Best Lemonade. You can give it to a non-drinker and they would never know. I made two gallons of this stuff for the Beach Blanket Blackout Bingo Birthday Bash and things got real weird, real quick!

Oh and please don't forget to vote for Hank in the Cutest Dog Competition. He really needs your support!

TBC Sweet Tea Vodka

1 handle of middle quality vodka such as Smirnoff
7 black tea bags, such as Lipton or 4 heaping tablespoons of loose tea
3 cups of sugar

In a large jug, combine tea bag, sugar and vodka. Put lid on and shake until sugar dissolves and then steep for about 3 hours. If using loose tea leaves, strain vodka through coffee filter into a serving pitcher or another jug. Otherwise, remove tea bags. Serve over ice.

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