Monday, July 20, 2009

99¢ Hamburgers at E-Z Takeout Burger!

For those of us living in Newport-Mesa, E-Z Takeout burger is an institution. It is like the poor man's version of In N out, except that it's not really for the poor. The hamburgers are kind of expensive here and I swear the patties are smaller than In N Out's (although it's hard to be sure because In N Out won't say how much their patties weigh, trade secret). But every Monday and Tuesday, to celebrate their 40th anniversary, they are selling 99¢ burgers! I'm always looking for a great deal and since I used to live across the street, I frequented E-Z Takeout on Mondays and Tuesdays. They also have onion rings and chili cheese fries, which gives you incentive to choose E-Z Takeout over In-N Out. They do the chili cheese fries the right way too; cheese on top of the fries, then chili and then more cheese! Yum!

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