Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Super Fair!

I love the Fair. It's a strange obsession but it probably has to do with summer day camp. For 3 consecutive summers, my parents sent me a to day camp across the street from the fairgrounds. During July, the Fair would be our go-to field trip and we probably went at least 3 times per season. Every summer, excitement grew each day amongst the campers as the Ferris Wheel and the other carnival rides were constructed, their progress being carefully monitored by the watchful campers.

This year is no exception. I got a Super Pass, which gives me daily admission to the Fair. So far, I have gone 3 times and there is still one and half weeks left. I plan on going at least one more time (I'm bummed I missed the Demolition Derby night though).

In my 3 visits, I managed to eat a huge sampling of fair food, ride a variety of the crazy carnival contraptions they call rides, get incredibly sick on the Tango, not knowing that the ride went upside down,(Word of advice people, check out the ride before you decide to go on), win a prize at a carnival game, catch a Magic show, and walk through the Festival of Products.

Chicken Charlie's will fry anything. Word on the street is if you bring him a pickle, he will fry it for you. I wonder if the chocolate covered bacon could be deep fried.

The chocolate covered bacon was pretty lackluster actually. It was cold and tasted like chocolate with a strange salty burnt taste. Interesting concept, poor execution.

I love roasted corn.

More corn.


Best thing at the Fair. The Mexican funnel cake. It is truly super sized. If that is a little much for you, try the bag of churros. For $4.50 you get a bag filled with freshly made churros. Best deal at the fair. They are warm and covered with cinnamon and sugar. I couldn't finish the whole bag (even after sharing with 3 other people) and it still tasted good the next day. They are at the Apple Fries stand by Kiddie Land. Trust me. You will thank me. Oh by the way, apple fries are apples wedges covered with cinnamon sugar and deep fried and served with whip cream.

The fried avocado was suprisingly one of my favorites. The crunchy fried exterior nicely complemented the smooth creamy avocado.

Roasted peppers filled with cheese

Freshly made chips and onion rings.

Deep fried pizza bites

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